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Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog, my name is Jim and I am here to give you lots of information on losing weight fast. In fact I’ve got loads of tips for you on all the right processes to follow in order to lose weight fast. I have had lots of problems with my weight throughout my teenage years and into my early 20s. However I hit a point where I needed to make some changes and lose weight rapidly, so I started to follow some specific diet regimes which enabled me to do so. The fat has gone and now I look at the photo to the right.

I used lots of different strategies to enable to lose weight fast and the tips I am about to show you are very much a detailed set of processes which include effective diets and the correct exercises which will get your metabolism moving.

Reduce Calories For Losing Weight Fast

It really is essential to make sure that you reduce the calories which you consume. I used to drink far too much beer and I am a big fan of chocolate, however I soon realised that they were doing nothing for me and I put on weight as opposed to losing it. Consuming beer and chocolate really adds to your calorie count due to the increased carbohydrates and of course the excess fat.

Another thing which I really made a massive change with was the size of my food portions and especially evening meals and the size of snacks which I had during the day. Snacks are good as long as they’re healthy because they speed of your metabolism during the day. If you are overweight it is really important that you also reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you eat such as potatoes, pasta, rice and gnocchi. Lest we not forget it is also important that you remove any fatty foods and sweets. Make sure that you replace your bad diets with fruits and vegetables as they are many advantages over carbohydrates and fats.

If you apply is full plate of vegetables as opposed to carbohydrates such as potatoes and the like there is far less calories on your plate but you will feel fuller.

It’s really crucial that you become more active as part of your health plan and increase the amount exercise which you do. This does not mean that you have to do intensive fitness training but it does mean that you need to start doing things like walking. Perhaps you haven’t picked up the golf clubs in a while or taken the dog for a long walk. Start off with these basic exercises and then move up to more intensive exercises as your body starts to improve. From here I suggest swimming and perhaps as you become healthier, you should consider jogging.

Losing Weight Fast Exercise tips

Light exercise is good for you, however it fails to provide the exceptional results which I’ve achieved. One of the biggest tips I can give you from losing weight fast is to vary the intensity of your exercises. For example you may run the treadmill for 30 min and a speed of 10 km/h, however you should vary the speed and consider running for 8 km/h and then increasing the speed to 12 km/h. With this kind of exercise process you’re shocking your system into different kinds of intensity which means that your body can’t relax at a steady pace. This kind of exercise process really helps with losing weight fast and is one of the best tips that I can offer.

Something else which I think is really important is to reduce the amount of time just sitting about doing nothing. As part of losing weight fast always consider what else you could be doing as opposed watching television or searching on the Internet. I always like to implement schedules where I stop being a couch potato and implement some light exercise. Weight loss is possible if you focus on the strategies, including the specific diet plans and the exercise is crucial.

Some of the basic items which I think you should follow as part of losing weight fast is to set realistic and time bound goals so you’re more likely to achieve success. Having a balanced and healthy lifestyle is also crucial and make sure your work life balance is also in check.

Take a good look around my blog and you will see even more tips on losing weight fast. Even very basic things can be useful for helping to lose weight. If you’re currently overweight, obese or a little bit fat then hopefully my blog will be of use.

Contact me any time using the contact form above and I help in whatever way I can.



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